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The Africans of the slave bark "Wildfire" [graphic] / M.N.

Osman [graphic].

[Scene from Northwood, or, life North and South] [graphic] / McLenan, John del ; Orr, J.W., N.Y., sc.

The tango [graphic].

Cotton pressing in Louisiana [graphic] / A Hill del. ; Peirce sc.

"Virginia hoe-down" [graphic] / Dallas del.

A Negro funeral [graphic].

Aunt Winnie [graphic] / J.W. Orr sc.

The cook [graphic].

A conservative philospher [graphic].

The banks of the River James [graphic].

Tobacco plantation [graphic].

Picking cotton [graphic] / J.W. Orr N.Y.

Carrying cotton to the gin [graphic] / J.W. Orr N.Y.

Cotton gin -- Ginning cotton [graphic].

Tuning up [graphic].

Chew's House, Germantown [graphic].

Rev. Francis Burns

Collections from fugitive sources only, illustrative of the antiquities, progress & c. of the city Philadelphia [graphic] / Vincit qui se vincit. Collected by Chas. A. Poulson.