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Woman's Medical College postcards.

Mayfair House in Fairmount Park, Germantown, Pa.

The Philadelphia Home for Incurables postcards.

Montevista Apartments, Philadelphia.

A scene in the Golden Dragon, 1526 Market Street, Philadelphia's most beautiful restaurant [graphic].

Peck & Hills' Furniture Co., 642 North Broad St. cor. Wallace, Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia -- The new Delaware River Bridge -- Camden. We insure anything. Try us. This is a darn good blotter. T. Yorke Smith, 507 Federal St., Camden N.J. Real estate insurance. Both phones 316.

Sesquicentennial Exhibition postcards.

Central Y.M.C.A. postcards.

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Philadelphia. The birthplace of liberty. Official souvenir view book Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition [graphic] / Copyrighted by John D. Cardinell, official photographer and publisher.

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[Chamberlin weather strips trade cards]

Lit Brothers department store postcards.

Minstrel show. Wentworth Town Hall. March 26th - 8:15. Adults .25. Children .15. Orchestra - dancing. [graphic].

Diary of Janet Morris. Summer 1921. Trip West. Volume 1

Diary of Janet Morris. Summer 1921. Trip West. Volume 2

Europe - 1925