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Broad St. Theatre, Broad and Spruce Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

The Dundas-Lippincott Mansion.

Wayne Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

Hermit Lane Bridge postcards.

St. Charles Borromeo R.C. Church 20th and Christian Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, 50th Street and Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, Pa.

Hamilton mansion, Woodlands.

Price Homestead, Ladies' Club House, Manheim Grounds postcards.

Lafayette Building, 5th & Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

Elevated railroad, Fortieth Street Station, Philadelphia, Pa.

Witherspoon Building.

Elevated railroad at 69th Street station postcards.

Residence of John Penn, Colonial Governor, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

Rustic bridge postcards.

Jewish Hospital, York & Tabor Roads, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Unidentified Bell Telephone Company of Philadelphia building]

Franklin Bank Building and Betz Building. Broad and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Port Richmond Elevator, Philadelphia.

Staton Brothers, Stationery and Art Shop, Germantown Ave. and Coulter St., Germantown, Pa.

The St. James, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Art Club, the headquarters of the artistic life of the city.

Market Street Subway postcards.

Baldwin Locomotive Works postcards.

Interior of elevated car, Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia Stock Yard postcards.

St. George's Hall, 19th and Arch Sts.

High Street in 1799 at present Market Street postcards.

34th Street [sic], entrance to University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

Market Street subway station postcards.

Pore lil' Mose sends his Pa a valentine. [graphic] / R.F. Outcault.

Happy Lil' Sal as the queen of the May. [graphic] / R.F. Outcault.

Old "Jolly Post" Hotel, Frankford, Philadelphia.

Boyertown Burial Casket Co. funeral supplies, 1211-17 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Armory of First City Troops postcards.

Elevated railroad bed postcards.

The Old Market at Pine and Second Streets.

Flying Horses postcards.

Randolph Mansion, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Delaware Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

Glen near Horticultural Hall postcards.

Germantown Post Office, Germantown, Pa.

McDowell Paper Mills - actual paper makers since 1825.

Elks' building, Philadelphia.

Washington Monument, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Lyric Theatre, Broad and Cherry Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Hotel Stenton postcards.

Fountain in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

William Elkins Masonic Orphanage for Girls postcards.

Girard Trust Corn Exchange Bank postcards.

St. Vincent De Paul R.C. Church postcards.

St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia, Pa.

Chamounix Mansion postcards.

Young Mens Christian Association, Germantown, Pa.

Church of "Saint John Chrysostom", Philadelphia, Pa.

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Roxboro near Wissahickon, Philadelphia, Pa.

United Gas Improvement Building (U.G.I.) and the Young Men's Christian Association Building (Y.M.C.A.) postcards.

Church of St. Thomas, 17th & Morris Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

McClatchy Building, 69th Street.

Chambers-Wylie Presby. Church, Broad and Spruce Sts., Phila.

Philadelphia Bourse postcards.

Academy of Music postcards.

The Franklin Institute.

Germantown High School, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

Park Theatre postcards.

West Spruce Str., Philadelphia, Pa.

The Philadelphia Inquirer building.

Germantown Bank, Philadelphia, Pa.

Frankford Ave., looking North from Dr. Guernsey's.

Bingham Hotel postcards.

Band stand, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Home for Veteran and Wife G.A.R., 63rd and Callowhill Sts. [sic], Philadelphia, Pa.

Lion Fighter, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Penn Street looking north, Germantown Pa. postcards.

Machinery Building (official). World's Fair, St. Louis, 1904.

The home of Grit, Williamsport, Pa.

Ask for Bell Bros. Co.'s sheep-lined coats and ulsters. Manufactured by Bell Bro's Co. Dubuque, Ia.

Church of the Saviour, 38th & Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Clover Banquet Room, Bellevue Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia.

The St. James, Philadelphia, Pa.

Hotel Walton, Philadelphia, Pa.

Ladies' and Gentlemens' Restaurant, Green's Hotel, Chestnut and 8th Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

West Spruce Str., Philadelphia, Pa.

"A day in June." The old Mermaid Tavern, Germantown, Philadelphia.

Immaculate Conception, R.C. Church, Germantown, Philadelphia.

Centre Square Water Works postcards.

Blue Anchor Inn.

Penny Pot Inn, Front and Vine Streets.

Jacob Graff House, in which Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence postcards.

Marsden Gateway, Chestnut Hill, Phila.

Our Mother of Sorrows R.C. Church, 48th & Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia.

Church of "Saint John Chrysostom", Philadelphia, Pa.

St. James, 21st and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Metropolitan Opera House postcards.

Roman Catholic High School, Philadelphia, Pa.

P.R.R. Bridge over Schuylkill River, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia Cricket Club, St. Martin's, Chestnut Hill.

Hood Cemetery postcards.

Real Estate Trust postcards.

Powelton Storage, Philadelphia, Pa.

Springfield Water Supply Co. of Philadelphia advertisement postcards.

Bartram's house and garden postcards.

Gentlemen's Club House, Manheim Grounds postcards.

Billmyer House postcards.

Logan House postcards.

Germantown Town Hall postcards.

Old Dunkard Church postcards.

Pennsylvania Building postcards.

[Oestmann's Hardware Store, Germantown Ave. and Coulter Street.]

Gimbels postcards.

Anthony J. Drexel statue postcards.

Girard Avenue Bridge postcards.

Strawberry Mansion Bridge postcards.

Bethany Church postcards.

Willow Grove Park postcards.

United States Mint postcards.

Pennsylvania Institution for the Blind postcards.

Drexel Building postcards.

Evening Bulletin postcards.

David Rittenhouse House postcards.

Frankford (section) postcards.

Mary J. Drexel Home postcards.

Mennonite Church postcards.

Baptist Temple postcards.

Smith Memorial postcards.

Benjamin Franklin's grave postcards.

Baptist Temple Church and Temple College postcards.

Old Trinity P.E. Church postcards.

Young Women's Christian Association postcards.

William Penn's treaty with the Indians postcards.

Widener Memorial Library postcards.

Indian Rock Hotel postcards.

Grant's cabin postcards.

The Rittenhouse Hotel postcards.

New Hotel Hanover postcards.

Nugent Home postcards.

Grant's monument postcards.

Central Y.M.C.A. postcards.

Mount Saint Joseph Academy postcards.

Widener Building postcards.

Woodside Park postcards.

Gilbert Stuart's studio postcards.

Wister Home, where General Agnew died postcards.

United Gas Improvement postcards.

Arnold mansion postcards.

Garfield Monument postcards.

Masonic Temple postcards.

Wyck postcards.

Lemon Hill postcards.

Pond lilies and rustic bridge, artificial lake, Fairmount Park postcards.

Philadelphia Warehousing & Cold Storage Co. Delaware Ave. Noble, Beach and Front Streets, Philadelphia.

North Broad Street postcards.

Carnegie Free Library postcards.

Dock Street Market postcards.

Christopher Yeakel's old log cabin postcards.

Elks Convention 1907 postcards.

Teedyuscung Statue postcards.

North American Building postcards.

Catholic Total Abstinence Union Fountain postcards.

Sparrow Jack House postcards.

Germantown Hospital postcards.

Merchant's Exchange postcards.

Majestic Hotel postcards.

St. Joseph's Hospital postcards.

Concord School House postcards.

Eighth Street postcards.

Soldiers' monument commemorating the Battle of Germantown postcards.

Factories of Brainerd & Armstrong Co.

University of Pennsylvania Campus postcards.

Walnut Street Theatre postcards.

Lincoln Drive postcards.

Franklin's grave postcards.

Little Sisters of the Poor postcards.

University of Pennsylvania Library postcards.

Congress Hall postcards.

Cobbs and Darby Creeks postcards.

Windsor Hotel postcards.

Walnut Lane Bridge postcards.

Green Street Friends Meeting House postcards.

Second Baptist Church postcards.

Keith's Chestnut Street Theatre postcards.

U.S. Custom House postcards.

Friends' Meeting House, 4th and Arch Streets postcards.

Germantown National Bank postcards.

Keystone Hotel postcards.

Cramp's Shipyard postcards.

St. Clement Episcopal Church postcards.

Belmont Mansion postcards.

Stenton postcards.

Union League postcards.

South Broad Street postcards.

Chew Mansion postcards.

Green Tree Inn postcards.

Betz Building postcards.

St. Gregory's R.C. Church postcards.

A scene in the park, Wissahickon Creek postcards.

The Dell in Fairmount Park postcards.

Girls' High School postcards.

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art postcards.

St. James Church of Kingsessing postcards.

Park Trolley Bridge postcards.