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Delaware Avenue elevated railroad postcards.

Elevated railroad from 32nd Street, West Philadelphia postcards.

Fairmount Park entrances postcards.

Washington Monument postcards.

Religious Liberty Statue postcards.

Japanese Pagoda postcards.

Girls' Normal School postcards.

Boys' Central High School postcards.

Drexel Institute postcards.

Girard College postcards.

Post Office and Federal Building postcards.

Germantown Academy postcards.

German Hospital postcards.

Market Square Germantown postcards.

Morris House postcards.

Continental Hotel postcards.

Hahnemann Hospital and Medical College postcards.

Quadrangle Dormitories of the University of Pennsylvania postcards.

Fairmount Park boats, dam & waterworks postcards.

St. James the Less postcards.

East River Drive postcards.

Wanamaker postcards.

Chestnut Street postcards.

Hotel Walton postcards.

Arcade Building postcards.

Land Title Building postcards.

Lulu Temple postcards.

Academy of Natural Science postcards.

Commercial Museum postcards.

Drexel Building postcards.