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Cornish & Co., new manufactory. High grade organs & pianos, Washington, New Jersey, U.S.A.

E. Andrews, manufacturer of saws, patent hooks and stirrups, patent taks, patent spring steel wood-saw frames.

Allen & Needles, wholesale dealers in oil & guano. Agents for Kingsford & Sons starch. No. 41 South Water St. & No. 42 South Wharves, Philadelphia.

Mrs. S. A. Allen's improved hair restorer. Favorite hair dressing. New style in one bottle. Price, one dollar.

James Vick, Rochester, N.Y. Flower, vegetable, seeds &c.

W.G. Moore, successor to Seltzer & Moore, wholesale and retail mule dealers, Womelsdorf, Pa.

The National Live Stock Journal, handsomely illustrated, contains 48 large pages, devoted to the interests of stock breeders and farmers.