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"Bray-more," or the Welles-iad. : An epic in two bottles. A long way after Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Brahma."

The legend of the clock / by B.J. Leedom. This clock was brought over from England by the writer's ancestor in 1682, in the ship Welcome, with William Penn. The lines are suggested by the traditions received from his grandmother, who died in her hundredth

Somebody's darling.

Christmas and New Year's annual of the North American and United States gazette 1864. 1865.

The Carrier's Christmas and New-Year rhymes to the patrons of the American Presbyterian. 1864-65

Daily evening bulletin,

New Year's address of the carriers of the Episcopal recorder, January 1, 1865.

Address of the carriers of the Saturday evening post, January 1, 1865.