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[Robert B. Davidson, 1808-1876.]

[Double portraits of Caroline Wood and her mother, Julianna Randolph Wood in an oval brooch.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, young man with sideburns and a short beard.]

Hon. Morton McMichael.

[Half-length portrait of an unidentified man] [graphic].

[Half-length portrait of an unidentified man] [graphic].

[Bust-length length portrait of an unidentified man] [graphic].

[Portrait of an unsmiling, unidentified woman with white cotton cap.]


Copy portrait of Mrs. Benedict Arnold

[Portrait of an unidentified man]

[Portrait of a frowning, unidentified man with his right arm is resting on a table.]

[Three quarter length, seated portrait of an unidentified man in formal clothes, wearing a top hat and holding a cane in his left hand.]

[Julianna Randolph Wood holding her baby daughter, Julia, on her lap.]

[Portrait of an unidentified bearded man with stickpin looking slightly to his right.]

[Amos G. Dubree as a young man.]

Grandma Toppan.

[George Thompson, 1794-1876]

[Portrait of an unidentified elderly man, looking slightly to his left.]

[Julianna Randolph Wood in a dark dress, holding a daguerreotype portrait of a Richard D. Wood in her right hand.]

[Portrait of an unidentified woman holding a baby.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, older woman, wearing a white cap, looking slightly to her right.]

[Portrait of an unidentified couple.]

[Unidentified family portrait including three women of various ages, a young girl and a baby.]

[Portrait of an unidentified man seated facing right, with his hands folded in his lap.]

[Portrait of a rather portly, unidentified man with sideburns, resting his left arm on a table.]

George Washington Roberts, son of Algernon & Tacy Roberts. 1802-1857.

Aunt Kate Richardson.

Hannah Davis Wood, b. 1809

[Richard Davis Wood, 1799-1869.]

[Portrait of a seated couple, possibly Meyer and Caroline Fleisher.]

[Portrait of a rather stern, unidentified, older woman wearing a lace collar and cap.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, seated young woman, wearing a black dress with a white bodice.]

[Reverend Bird Wilson, 1777-1859.]

[Portrait of an unidentified young woman wearing a plaid dress with a small white collar.]

[John Fries Frazer, 1812-1872]

[Unidentified young man with his left hand resting on a table.]

[Portrait of a wide eyed, handsome, unidentified young man.]

[Portrait of a serious looking, bearded young man.]

[Three-quarter length portrait of a rather stern looking, unidentified man, wearing a high white collar.]

Daniel Webster.

[Three quarter length portrait of two unidentified young men.]

[Portrait of an unidentified young woman wearing a dark, taffeta dress with a crossed collar.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, elderly woman wearing a white lace bonnet.]

[Portrait of an unidentified young man holding a pen in his left hand.]

[Portrait of an unidentified young man.]

[Portrait of two unidentified, young women seated wearing close fitting long sleeved dresses with crossed collars.]

[Unidentified young woman, hands folded, wearing a square pin on her lace collar.]

[Reverend Henry Reeves as a young man.]

[Seated portrait of an unidentified young man wearing striped trousers, with his right hand resting on a low table.]