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Founders Week parade postcards.

[Cumberland Street east of 26th Street.]

[Edmund Street looking south from Friendship Street, Tacony, Pa.]

[West side of 18th Street north of Columbia Avenue.]

[Fifth Street north of Allegheny Avenue.]

[Southeast corner of 52nd Street and Hazel Avenue.]

[Fifty-sixth Street north of Girard Avenue.]

[Green Street west of 19th Street.]

[K Street west of Kensington Avenue.]

[East side of Pulaski Avenue south of Logan Street.]

[Seventh Street south of York Street.]

[Cambridge Street.]

[Bouvier Street south of Columbia Avenue.]

[Columbia Avenue covered in snow during the Businessmen's Carnival.]

[North side of Columbia Avenue east of 18th Street.]

[4300 Fleming Street, northwest corner of Roxborough Avenue, Philadelphia.]

The first court house of Cumberland, Co. First court held July 24, 1750. Shippensburg, Pa.

[Hennigar's Photo Studio and Ye Old Dummy Depot, 4700 Frankford Avenue.]

White Swan Hotel, Mount Airy, Pa.

[Block party benefit of Kensington Dispensary for the treatment of tuberculosis]

[Bustleton Avenue looking north. Bustelton, Pa.]

Leiper St. south from Gillingham St. Frankford.

[Van Pelt Street, south of West York Street.]

[Venango Street, west of Kensington Avenue, Harrowgate, Phila. Pa.]

[900 South 60th Street, West Philadelphia.]

Trinity Lutheran Church, Germantown Ave. & Queen Lane, 1857. Steeple after design by Christopher Wren. Clock purchased by public subscription, was first "town clock" of Germantown.

[Stapeley, northwest corner of Greene Street and Washington Lane, Germantown.]

[Rockland Street near York Road.]

[Unidentified street.]

[West side of Fifty-second Street north of Jefferson Street.]

[Unidentified street scene.]

[Deutscher Club Beer Garden, 532 North 4th Street, Philadelphia.]

Beck's Dry Goods Store, Bustleton, Pa.

Zion Lutheran Church postcards.

Falls M.E. Church, Philadelphia, Pa.

Oak Park United Presby.

Salem Lutheran Church.

Sunday's Tabernacle, Phila. Pa.

St. John's Orphan Asylum postcards.

"Wish you'd hush"

Morris-Littell House postcards.

Rodin Museum postcards.

Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Building postcards.

First Regiment Armory, Philadelphia, Pa.

Butler Place. Branchtown.

Mint Arcade.

Acker Quality Shop postcards.

Brown Auto Top Company - we are growing - there's a reason, Broad and Hamilton Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

Dobson's Mills - Falls of the Schuylkill.

Wm. Leonidas Spring, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.