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David Rittenhouse home. [graphic].

Pennypacker place, near Schwenksville. [graphic].

Pennypacker Mansion, on Perkioman Creek, near Schwenksville, Montg. Co., Pa. Built about 1747 (not later) by Hans Joest Heijt. Washington made his headquarters in the mansion after the Battle of the Brandywine. [graphic].

[Stamper - Bingham - Blackwell House, 224 Pine Street.] [graphic].

[Upsala, 6430 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia.] [graphic].

The Ivy, pump and fireplace (now occupied by Mrs. Joseph Bosler) [graphic].

[St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal Church, S.W. corner of 3rd & Pine Streets, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

Loudoun, 4650 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

5434 Germantown Ave., home of Jno. Ashmead, father of Capt.. Albert Ashmead. [graphic].

Church of the Advocate. Interior, N. transept, Phila. [graphic].

John Bechtel House, 5226 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

Genl. Wayne Tavern, Montgomery Pike. [graphic].

Merion Meeting House, blt 1682 [sic], attended by Wm. Penn. [graphic].

Carlton, in lower part of Germantown. Built by Henry Hill. Year not known. Burned in the Revolutionary War in 1777. Rebuilt by Hill, it is said, in 1780. Now occupied by Mrs. Newhall, cor. Stokley St. & Midvale Ave. [graphic].

Church of the Advocate, (South Memorial), 18th & Diamond Sts. [graphic].

5300 Germantown Ave., N.W. cor. Queen Lane. [graphic].

Tablet concerning Star Gazer's Stone. [graphic].

Andalusia, Bensalem Township, Bucks Co., Pa. John Craig, a merchant, bought the tract of land in 1794 & his wife designed the house. Nicholas Biddle married their daughter & Andalusia became his residence. Charles Biddle now occupies it. [graphic].

Star Gazer's Stone. [graphic].

Valley Green, Fairmount Park, Phila. [graphic].

[Byberry Friends' Meeting House.] [graphic].

Church of the Advocate. Interior, showing pulpit. [graphic].

Rose Tree Inn, Media, built 1837. [graphic].

5140 Germantown Ave. The "Cory" or Crows' Nest. Wm. Wynn Wister's Place. Gilbert Stewart lived there from 1796 to 1800. He painted Washington's portrait in the barn, which is not now standing. [graphic].

5430 Germantown Ave. Home of Captain Albert Ashmead of the American Army. [graphic].

Jonathan Evans' House, 322 Union Street, now DeLancey. [graphic].

Germantown Academy cor. School Lane & Greene St., built 1760. [graphic].

Merchants' Exchange. [graphic].

Mason & Dixon Line stone marking boundry between Delaware & Maryland, on farm of Dr. H. A. Cleaves of Wilmington (Baker.) Side showing arms of Wm. Penn. Probably the 75-mile stone. [graphic].

5214 Germantown Ave. The Hacker House. Site of the British encampment during the Battle of Germantown. [graphic].

Haverford Meeting. [graphic].

5267 [sic] Germantown Ave. I have no record of when it was built. Anthony Gilbert, a blacksmith, renowned for his strength, lived there in 1809. It is next door above "Grumblethorp." [graphic].

Old farm building on the Pastorius Estate, back of the n.e. cor. of the Methodist Church at corner of Germantown Ave. & High Street. [graphic].

[Mason & Dixon Line stone marking boundry between Delaware & Maryland, on farm of Dr. H. A. Cleaves of Wilmington (Baker.) Side showing arms of Lord Baltimore.] [graphic].

Andalusia, back door [sic]. [graphic].

Cigar Indian chief. S.E. cor. 4th & Race [sic]. Note the feather headdress. Most of the cigar indians were squaws. [graphic].

Cedar Grove, Harrowgate Road, Kensington. Elizabeth Coates Paschall built the original portion in 1748. Newer part built in 1799. Its last occupant & owner was John T. Morris, who died about 1916. [graphic].

Loudoun, 4650 Germantown Ave., built by Thos. Armat. occupied in 1920 by Mr. Albanus Chas. Logan & Miss Maria D. Logan. [graphic].

Newtown Meeting, Newtown, Pennsylvania, built 1711. [graphic].

Merion Meeting House. [graphic].

4518 & 4520 Germantown Ave. Neglee House. When built, uncertain, but Jas. Logan lived in it while Stenton was being built, 1727-1734. [graphic].

Castle of the State in Schuylkill. Built 1732. Present Governor Hon. Willis Martin. Famous for historical Fish House Punch. [graphic].

Pastorius Estate. Building on the estate. [graphic].

Shoemaker or Rock Hill, 347 E. Penn St., possibly the oldest house in Germantown. [graphic].

5218 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

Haverford Meeting. [graphic].

Star Gazers' Stone about 9 miles west of West Chester, Pa. West of Country Home. [graphic].

The Ivy, Old York Road at Church Road, Ogontz. Oldest part built by Richard Wall in 1682. He came from Cheltenham, England in that year. It was one of the very earliest meeting houses in Philada. County & the only one now standing. [graphic].