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[President-elect Abraham Lincoln raising flag in front of Independence Hall in honor of admission of Kansas to the Union, February 22, 1861] [graphic].

Decatur Street from Jones Hotel [graphic].

Engine house of the Twenty-fourth Ward Water Works. Designed and constructed by Birkinbine & Trotter, engineers and contractors, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Old houses, west side of Fourth St. opposite Union St., and the "Hill mansion" [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Tomb of Aaron Burr. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Old houses on the north side of Arch Street, west of Third and the new Hotel [graphic].

Chestnut above Ninth Street. [graphic].

Revd. Dr. Blackwell's house and residence until his decease, on the south side of Pine Street, between Second and Third Streets in the picture opposite the public street lamp. [graphic] : Govr. John Penn's residence where the deceased, (in the picture), n

[Auburn, residence of John McAllister Sr., Old Front St. Road, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

"Friends" schoolhouses - East side of Fourth St. south of Chestnut Street [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Academy of Music - or operahouse - S.W. cor. Broad & Locust St. [graphic] / James E. McClees.

Academy of Natural Sciences (undergoing "raising", &c.) and the "La Pierre house" hotel; with the private dwelling house at the S.W. corner of Broad and Chestnut Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Northwest corner of Carpenter and Sixth street, north of Chestnut Street. [graphic] : Gray's brewery building is partially seen on the right of the picture. Where the "sign" is now, was, in my remembrance a picture full length of Sir John Falstaff, as rep

[Academy of the Visitation, soutwest corner Broad and Poplar streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Residence of Wm. Crammond [sic], esq. s.w. corner of Third and Spruce Street. [graphic].

[Hope Hose Company steam fire engine and fire fighters in front of the company fire station, Second and Union streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Ruins of museum building. Ninth below Chestnut Street. [graphic].

[The Hamilton mansion, S.E. corner of Seventh and Carpenter, now Jayne St., taken down this spring.] [graphic].

Louis Phillipe's second place of residence in Phila. [graphic] : After residing at the house of one of the partners of the firm of Cunningham & Nesbitt, in Front bel. Walnut St., two or three weeks he boarded in the above pictured house; on the arrival of

The Penington mansion. On the northwest corner of Race and Crown Street. [graphic]

William Penn's mansion or the "slate-roof house." Southeast corner of Norris Alley and Second Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

[Residence of John McAllister Jr., 14 N. Merrick Street, West Penn Square, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Yohe's, late Jones' Hotel. On the south side of Chestnut St., next to the Clymer mansion (afterward Geo. Harrison's residence) between Sixth and Seventh St. The site, in the olden times, of the celebrated "Oeller's hotel." [graphic] / Photograph by Richar

Perot mansion. North side of Market Street near Eighth St (old no. 297, now no. 731). [graphic] : At this date ( June 15th 1859) it is the only exclusively private dwelling house on Market Street, either side of the way, between the Delaware and Schuylkil

View of the ruins caused by the great fire northeast corner of Sixth and Market st. which began on the night of Weds. April 30, 1856 - From the northwest. [graphic].

Joseph Sims old mansion. Next south of St. Peters' church ground on the west side of Third Street near Lombard St. (part of the church, and Pine St., house in the view). [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Mansion of Joseph Sims, Esq. On south[west] corner of Chestnut and Ninth Street, the ground extending to George, now Sansom Street, on which latter it has a frontage, with stables & c equal to that on Chestnut Street. After the failure in business of Mr.

Christopher Sower's house - [graphic] : And printing office. Mr. Watson, in his letter writes: "The house of Sower the printer, and earliest Bible publisher in our country, and also of an early German newspaper - See facts in Annals. The house stands vis

The old Hurst mansion, "standing back," facing the west, on the northeast corner of Fifth and South street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

The Rock House,

The Rock House, [graphic] : So called, writes Mr. Watson, "because it rests on an exposed rock (large) situated at the junction of Shoemaker's street ("lane" in old times), and the rail road. It has no particular history, but is picturesque and ancient" /

Old wooden houses, extending southwardly from the corner of Marble Street, on the west side of Tenth Street, to Miss Sally Keene's, late Maj. Lennock's property and residence, built by "Col." Peter L. Berry. N.W. corner of Chestnut and Tenth streets. [gra

Old houses, on the north side of Arch Street, between Second and Third Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Old houses, from the southeast corner of Fourth and Union Street, to the northeast corner of Pine and Fourth Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Old house on the southeast corner of Fifth and Spruce Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Louis Phillipe's second place of residence in Phila. [graphic] : After residing at the house of one of the partners of the firm of Cunningham & Nesbitt, in Front bel. Walnut St., two or three weeks he boarded in the above pictured house; on the arrival of

Rittenhouse Mansion. Northwest corner of Arch and Seventh Street. Sometimes called "fort Rittenhouse" [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

[Chestnut St., bet. 4th and 5th Sts. [graphic] / Frederick DeB. Richards].

[James A. Freeman auction house previous to demolition, 422 Walnut Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Old first high school house - Juniper street, Penn Square. [graphic] / Photogh. F.D.B. Richards.

Academy of Germantown. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Rev. Jno. Chambers Church, N.E. cor Broad & Sansom Sts. [graphic].

"Friends" schoolhouses - East side of Fourth St. south of Chestnut Street [graphic].

German Lutheran school house. Next to the N.E. corner of Cherry and Fourth St. on Cherry Street. [graphic].

Pepper's brewery. [graphic] : And dwelling house - the latter - on northwest corner of Fifth and Minor street with a view in perspective of the houses on the west side of Fifth Street to the corner of Market Street - also part of the house on n.w. corner

West side of Ninth St., from the southwest corner of Market & Ninth St. southerly to Chestnut Street &c including a view of the building of the University of Pennsylvania (part of the house on the s.e. corner of Market and Ninth St. on your left hand.) [g

Residence of Genl. Washington. [graphic] : This house, writes Mr. Watson, was once the residence of Genl. Washington, and before him, of Genl. Howe, and the prince youth afterwards King William (IX of Engd.), now Samuel B. Morris' residence, [lately decea

Old house n.w. cor. of Sixth & Cherry St. [graphic].

The Bank of Germantown [graphic] : Of this building Mr. Watson, the Annalist, thus writes: "It was the residence of Clarkson (City Mayor) now altered on the Bank end. It was the office of Thomas Jefferson, then Secretary of State, and Randolph, attorney G

The Poulson mansion. Lately no. 106 Chestnut Street, now No. 310. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.