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Continental Schottisch. Composed by O. P. Perry and respectfully dedicated to S. E. Stevens, Esqr. Continental Hotel Philadelphia. [graphic] / T. Sinclair's Lith, Phila.

City Museum Polka [graphic] / P. Kramer ; T. Sinclair's Lith.

Assembly Building schottisch

Old Black Joe. Dan Bryant.

Sewing Machine Polka

Sewing Machine Polka [graphic] / Ehrgott, Fobriger & Co., lith. Cincinnati.

Chestnut Street Schottisch

No. 1 The Empire Hook & Ladder polka

Beauties of social harmony for two or more voices.

Adam & Co.'s express "polka"

An evening at Oakland, romance, composed & respectfully dedicated to the senior class of 1860, of Oakland Female Institute by Thomas O'Neill.

Grand masonic march

[Proof of sheet music cover depicting a kangaroo]

[Proof of sheet music cover depicting a kangaroo] [graphic].

The Oakland Schottisch