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Rock me to sleep.

Ah my home.

All hail to the Union : Dedicated to Wm. H. Collins, Esq. / Words by Mrs. E. Coleman. ; Music by J.M. Deems.

Improvisation on the bonnie blue flag

The flag of the free, national ode.

Col. Ellsworth's funeral march.

Governor Porter's (grand) march.

General Robert E. Lee's quick march.

The Sanitary Fair grand march /

The drum-beat.

Raw recruits, or, Abraham's daughter. / As sung with great applause by Bryants Minstrels of New York. ; Words by Charley Fox, ; arranged by W.L. Hobbs.

Song of the Negro boatmen at Port Royal, 1861. / Poetry by J.G. Whittier, Esq. ; Music by H.T. Merrill, author of "Take your gun and go John."

Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!, or, The prisoner's hope. : Song and chorus. / By Geo. F. Root.

Three bells polka.

Our country and flag, : a national song & chorus.

Whisperings of love : valse sentimentale / by Charles Kinkel.

The vacant chair : or we shall meet but we shall miss him (Thanksgiving, 1861).

The star-spangled banner : national song.

I loved that dear old flag the best : song and chorus / words by Ednor Rossiter ; music by B. Frank Walters.

Grand national medley.

Columbia's guardian angels / words and music by Henry C. Work.

How are you conscript? / words & music by Frank Wilder.

Major R. Anderson's grand march : op. 1312 / Ch. Grobe.

Oh! Bury the brave where they fall : song & chorus / written & composed by Lieut. Henrie L. Frisbie of the 113th Ills Infy Vols.

The drummer boy of Shiloh : as sung by the First Tenn. Concert Troupe / arranged for the piano forte by E. Clarke Ilsley.

Gen. Sigel's grand march / by T. J. Martin, author of Persifer Smith's march..

We are marching down to Dixie's land. : (Improved.)

The union forever : patriotic song & chorus / written & composed for Miss Ada Webb by Will S. Hays.

The faded coat of blue : or, The nameless grave / words and music by J.H. McNaughton.

Jeff in petticoats : a song for the times / words by George Cooper ; music by Henry Tucker.

"The Continental" Schottisch. /

Centennial Fountain grand march. /

The Ledger polka. /

Point Breeze Park, schottisch

Girard House Polka

Germantown schottisch

Schuylkill boat song.

Come in out of the draft, or, How are you, Conscript? : comic song / music by B. Frank Walters ; words by Ednor Rossiter.

Jenny Wade, the heroine of Gettysburg / words by Albert G. Anderson ; music by Rudolph Wittig.

Bann[er of] the sea. National song and chorus. [graphic].

The Philadelphia Firemen's Anniversary Parade March composed for his brass band expressly for the occasion, arranged for the piano forte and respectfully dedicated to the Fire Department by Francis Johnson Philadelphia. [graphic] / Designed & drawn on sto

[Schuylkill Boat Song sheet music cover illustration]. [graphic].

Continental Schottisch. Composed by O. P. Perry and respectfully dedicated to S. E. Stevens, Esqr. Continental Hotel Philadelphia. [graphic] / T. Sinclair's Lith, Phila.

City Museum Polka [graphic] / P. Kramer ; T. Sinclair's Lith.

[Schuylkill Boat Song sheet music cover illustration]

The fugitive's song [graphic] / designed by E.W. Bouvé.

Chestnut Street Schottisch

Union and Liberty [graphic] / H. Whateley; [T. Sinclair's Lith. Phila.]

No. 1 The Empire Hook & Ladder polka

The United States Polka,