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Lemon Hill Mansion

Tom Moore's Cottage near Belmont

New Girard Ave: Bridge from Zoological Garden

Footpath to Strawberry Mansion

Fairmount from West Philada

View from walk up Fairmount Basin

Falls and Bridge near old Rittenhouse Mansion - Wissahickon

Alleghany [sic] Tunnel

Greensburg Tunnel

Walls Station

Colossal hand and torch "Liberty".

Victoria Court, Australian section - Main Building.

New Hampshire State Building.

Women's Pavilion.

Centennial grounds, looking east.

Horticultural Building - portico.

Horticultural Hall.

Horticultural Hall interior from west end.

Horticultural Hall - East Front.

Birdseye view from Main Building.

Main Building, from southwest looking northwest.

"Old Abe", Wisconsin Eagle.

New England Glass Company's exhibit - Main Building.

State buildings, "New Hampshire Day".

The American Volunteer (granite statue).

Guns in front of Government Building.

Machinery Hall - South Avenue looking east.

Bird's eye view of grounds from reservoir.

Vermont State Building.

Logan House Porch, Altoona

Agricultural Hall - Nave.

Medical Department Building.

Tower - Fairmount Park.

Res. English Comission, rear building.

Log cabin in "Ye Olden Times"l.

Pennsylvania Day - instantaneous view.

Agricultural Hall, main avenue.

Horticultural Hall - southeast view.

The lake, from Machinery Hall.

Japanese Commissoner's Dwelling.

Viti's Alabaster Vases - Main Building.

Rhode Island State Building.

Arkansas State Building.

Pennsylvania State Building.

Memorial Hall Annex - American department.

Agricultural Hall.

Centennial grounds from Judge's Pavilion.

Terra cotta ware, Portugal section - Main Building.

Japanese Comissioner's Dwelling.

Horticultural Hall - S.E. view.