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Privat [sic] residence near Philadelphia.

[Ship Yorktown, Pier 20, East River]

Les pilules du Diable.

Landsdowne Valley.

First steamboat on Hudson River.

[Goodwill Fire Company's horse-drawn ambulance in front of the company fire station on Race Street below Broad Street, Philadelphia]

Lemon Hill, near the mansion.

First Baptist Church, Philadelphia.

Masonic Hall Ches[t]nut Street, Penna.

Chestnut Street from the Custom House Philadelphia.

Church of the Intercessor, Philadelphia.

Church of the Intercessor, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Views of Woodlands Cemetery, 3900 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia.

Trinity Church. (Protestant Episcopal.) Catherine Street, between Second and Third streets. Philadelphia. [graphic].

Bird's eye view, No. 1. From the market house. Chambersburg, Franklin Co., Pa., destroyed by the rebels under McCausland, July 30th, 1864.


First of April.

River Road at Fairmount Park. Phil. Pa.

View in upper east park.

West Arch Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Views of the Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania.

Open your mouth and shut your eyes.

Saint John's Lutheran Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].