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[Elizabeth Lea, 1797-1877]

[Stevens-Cogdell/Sanders-Venning unidentified female family member portrait]

[Unidentified African American woman] [graphic] / J. Fenton's photograph, ambrotype, ferrotype and photo miniature gallery, No. 729 South St., below 8th, north side, Philadelphia. N.B. Formerly of Ninth & Market Streets.

[Mary Elizabeth Garesche and child]

[Portrait of an unidentified woman looking slightly to her left.]

[George Henry Lea, 1853-1915]

[Gilbert Livingston Bishop as a young man.]

[Portrait of a seated, unidentified young man, hands resting in his lap.]

[Group portrait with Captain William Wallace Rogers, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry, at military encampment in unidentified location] [graphic].