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Theo. Leonhardt & Son. Importers of cards, 324 & 326 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Theo. Leonhardt & Son, importers of cards, 324 & 326 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

U. S. B. M. Dockstaders. US BM black mail. Charles and Lewis Dockstader, Carncross' Minstrels, Eleventh St. Opera House, Philadelphia, Pa. [graphic].

C.H. Smith's double mammoth Uncle Tom's Cabin. [graphic].

[African American woman dancing] [graphic].

Fairbank's rock cordials, positive cure for all lung disorders [graphic].

“Universal family” Soapine, Kendall Mfg. Co., Providence, R.I. [graphic].

Liberty Stove Works

Conrad Busche, manufacturer & dealer in plain and fancy confectionery, wholesale and retail, 123

Ph. J. Lauber importer of wines. Wholesale retail. Nos. 24 & 26 South Fifth St.

Lehman & Bolton. Steam power lithographic & letter press printing rooms. Nos 418, 420 & 422 Library Street. Opposite Post Office.

Thos. Sinclair & Son, general lithographers. 506-508 North St. bet. Arch.

Compliments of Burk & M'Fetridge, printers & lithographers, 304 Chestnut, Philadelphia.

Coughlin & Eldredge, book store, Binghamton, N. Y. 60. 60. 60.

Ask for P. Cox & Bro.'s fine shoes.

"And then, the lover sighing like furnace."

Send for specimens of "orange blossom" and "rose" to Crider & Brother, York, Pa. Marriage certificates.

[Conrad Brothers' trade cards]

James A. Consterdine, crystal ivorytype artist, 124 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia.

The Continental Filter Manufacturing Company, office--36 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Estimates made for filters of any desired capacity. Presented by [blank] J.E. Johnson, supt.

Conway, gent's furnisher, 1602 South Street, Philadelphia.

Colgate & Co.'s "new" soap. The "new" soap in oval cakes unequalled for laundry use.

[Darlington, Runk & Co. trade cards]

Decker Bros. matchless pianos, New York.

F. Defoney's oyster saloon, No. 545 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Fried oysters a specialty.

O. B. De Morat, photographer, No. 2 South Eighth St., Philadelphia.

John D. Cutter & Co. manufacturers of pure silk threads & fabrics.

Use Dalley's magical pain extractor. The great family ointment.

Sample of clown cards 4 designs, assorted colors. Published by Thos. S. Dando, 307 Walnut St., Philad'a.

Joseph M. Cohen, highest cash price paid for cast-off clothing. Call or address No. 1547 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia.

[Croft, Wilbur & Co. trade cards]

J. M. Cummings, boots and shoes, removed to our new store, No. 3608 Lancaster Avenue, formerly of 3624 Lancaster Ave.

[I.S. Custer, Son & Co. trade cards]

E. A. Wright, bank note engraver, lithographer, plate printer. Chestnut & 11th sts.

[E. Burthey trade cards]

Bulkley & Noblit, manufacturers of railroad, ship, boat and wharf spikes. Office & mill: Germantown Junction, Philadelphia. Tioga Rolling Mill & Spike Works.

[S. & H. Buckley trade cards]

A.J. Bunn's billiard and sample rooms, 1207 Chestnut St.

Burdsall's ladies' and gents' ice cream, oyster and dining parlor, N.E. corner Thirteenth and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia.

Martindale & Johnston, 10th and Market Sts., Philad'a.

Isaac Casseres, manufacturer of suits and cloaks, and dealer in furs, N.W. cor. Eighth & Race Sts., Phila.

[Thos. Carstairs' trade cards]

Dr. Browning's C. & C. cordial. For coughs and colds.

Estey organs. E.M. Bruce & Co., 18 North Seventh St., Philadelphia.

N. Bryan, electro gold and silver plating, 1113 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Bush & Co.'s borax soap company, Philadelphia.

J. & F. Cadmus, manufacturers and dealers in boots, shoes, trunks and bags, No. 734 Market Street, south side, one door below 8th St. Philadelphia.

H.J. Toudy & Co. Practical lithographers and publishers, 623 Commerce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Hoe & Co. Steam Lith. Press.

Wear Celluloid collars and cuffs.