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U. S. B. M. Dockstaders. US BM black mail. Charles and Lewis Dockstader, Carncross' Minstrels, Eleventh St. Opera House, Philadelphia, Pa. [graphic].

C.H. Smith's double mammoth Uncle Tom's Cabin. [graphic].

[African American woman dancing] [graphic].

Fairbank's rock cordials, positive cure for all lung disorders [graphic].

“Universal family” Soapine, Kendall Mfg. Co., Providence, R.I. [graphic].

Theo. Leonhardt & Son. Importers of cards, 324 & 326 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Theo. Leonhardt & Son, importers of cards, 324 & 326 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Liberty Stove Works

Conrad Busche, manufacturer & dealer in plain and fancy confectionery, wholesale and retail, 123

[J.W. LeMaistre trade cards]

Opening of Spring novelties. Mahlon Bryan & Co., tailors, Nos. 9 & 11 South Eleventh Street, Philadelphia.

T. McCandless & Son, fancy & staple grocers, S.E. cor. 20th & Pine Sts., Philadelphia.

Henry H. McCargo, dealer in all makes of sewing machines, 1611 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia.

McClees' Express, between Bryn Mawr and Philadelphia.

[McIlvaine & Co. trade cards]

London Mfg. Co. essences of meats, 77 & 79 Varick Street, New York.

Jacob Lorsch, dealer in gentlemen's furnishing goods, 344 South Street, Philad'a.

G.M. Loudenslager, dealek [sic] in cigars and tobacco, 480 North Third St., Philad'a.

He loves me a little.

[Marks Bros. trade cards]

"Mack's milk chocolate." The best! It is pure! Ready for instant use. Boiling water only required.

Edward P. Macken, dealer in Key West, imported and domestic cigars, and tobacco, my 5 cent cigars a specialty. 1140 Pine St., Philad'a.

Compliments of the MacKinnon Pen Company.

Wm. MacMullan, Jr., grocer, (Successor to MacMullan Bros.) 1205 Market St., Philad'a.

Public Ledger Job Printing Office, south-west corner Sixth and Chestnut Street, Philadelphia

[Partridge's cafe and dining rooms trade cards]

[Partridge & Richardson trade cards]

[Old Judge cigarettes, Goodwin & Co., New York, U.S.A.]

Painter, Read & Eldredge, fashionable clothing, Franklin Hall, 321 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

"The Palace," 323 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Next door to "Fidelity." Imported & domestic segars, meerschaum goods and smokers' articles.

Pancoast & Maule, 243 & 245 South Third St., Philadelphia.

E.H. Parry, fashionable hatter, S.E. cor. 10th & Market Sts. Phila.

Tyler's market & fruit store, 1516 Market Street, elegant bananas & oranges 25, 30.

Curwen Stoddart & Brother, 450, 452 and 454 N. Second Street, Philadelphia.

[Strawbridge & Clothier trade cards]

[The Goodwin Gas Stove & Meter Co.'s Sun Dial gas stove trade cards]

E.D. Trymby, furniture, 1217 Market Street, Philadelphia.

[John P. Twaddell trade cards]

["It leads them all." The Sunday Item.]

Mrs. Swasey, 340 N. Eighth St., Philada.

[Thermaline, manufactured by Dundas Dick & Co., New York]

Thitchener & Glastaeter, steam job printers, 14 & 16 Vesey St., New York.

Henry Tolman, dealier in railway, machinists', engineers' and general supplies, also machinery and tools, No. [228] Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Thos. Thompson, Sons & Co., manufacturers and importers of upholstery materials, curtains, decorations and novelties. Retail department, Nos. 1430 and 1432 Chestnut Street, (Young Men's Christian Association building.), Philadelphia.

Wm. Menke & Bro. Dress trimmings. 804 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

S.L. Miller, plain & fancy printer, Waldoboro, Me.

[Milliken's linen store trade cards]

If dat ar fish knowd dis wor Merrick's thread, he wouldnt ha bit.

Compliments of Merscher Bros., tailors, 521 Poplar Street, Philadelphia.

Rain-time. / Sun-time.