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Soapine is the very best washing powder.

Stokes Brothers, lumber dealers, 30th Street below Chestnut, Philadelphia.

Said Peter Stuyvesant, "Welcome, friends, you would find our living rougher had we knickerbockers not learned to use the Enterprise sausage stuffer."

In seventeen hundred and eighty three, by the Treaty of Paris, our states were made free, and the Enterprise cork puller helped on the cause while the patriots drank to our land and its laws.

Said Jackson at New Orleans, "Boys we'll each one turn explorer, and make a raid on the enemy's stores with the Enterprise Bung Borer."

In seventy six, that old Continental; that Fourth-of-July-m'an; hatchet-can't-lie-man gave orders for dinner, "and said "use Enterprise beef shaver, for beef so sliced, will meet with much favor."

Horace Greely, to his farmer friends, one day, said "How needlessly man often labors, use the Enterprise Sprinkler, that is the proper way, and give up the watering pot, neighbors."

Hungry Continentals paid busy lass a visit. Helping himself to fruit, cried one, "What is it?" This machine which does suck work! Would I were the owner!" "Sir," she said, " It is the Enterprise cherry stoner."

In sixteen eighty two, you surely have heard how William Penn and honest treaty made. All good Indians mourn him still and remember his proclamation of good will to use the Enterprise bone, shell, and corn mill.

Enterprise Congress-World's Fair.

In eighteen fourteen, Scott, the Indian hero, made red hot work for the red men-yes and redder himself he cooled with Juleps, cold as zero iced by the famous Enterprise ice shredder.

"I found when a grocer's boy," Honest Abe said "Prosperity's line, if you'd cross it, give always good measure, save labor and use the self measuring, Enterprise faucet."

Manufactures & Liberal Arts Bl'd'g.

In 1773 in Boston town was spilled the tea. These are not Indians that you see, but patriots fighting tyranny; they spilled the tea, then drank their fill of coffee ground in Enterprise mill.

J.T. Moore, wholesale dealer & manufacturer's agent, wooden-ware, baskets, brooms, brushes, twine, cordage, &c. No. 235 South Front Street, Philadelphia.

Frank Miller & Sons, New York.

The little bill poster.

Compliments of Krell=French Piano Co. High grade piano makers, New Castle, Ind.

Samuel F. Heflick, Pittsburg, Pa. Heflick's rein supporter. Price card.

Miss. M. Peebles, fine millinery, 2816 Germantown Ave., Phila.

The F.G. Farnharm Brush Man'f'g Co. Manufacturers of shoe manufacturers, brass polishers & nickel platers' wheel brushes from 5 to 24 inches diameter. Glass cutters wheel, feeding up & swab brushes & flat glass cutters' wheel brushes. Lock box 642, Honesd

The Enterprise Mfg Co. of Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. U.S.A. Enterprise bone, shell, and corn mills.

When Alden wooed the fair Priscilla for his friend. In sixteen twenty six by Plymouth Rocks environs. The course of true love, rough at first, was at the end. As smooth as if they'd used the Enterprise sad irons.

The battle now is over, Bunker Hill no more. Will call the soldier from the maid he does adore, while to his side he would his gentle Nelly press, she tells him of the Enterprise fruit & jelly press.

"Tippecanoe and Tyler too," was the cry they raised in forty two, when barrels were set up all over the land by the Enterprise Barrel Jack, Truck and Stand.

Vacuum Harness Oil, renders everything soft and pliable. For sale here.

Compliments of Hershey Baking Co., York, Pa.

[Enterprise Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania trade cards]

Frank Diflo, locksmith, bell hanger and gunsmith, 1350 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia.

Julius E. Henkel, interior decorator, 912 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia.

Schaum & Uhlinger, successors to W.P. Uhlinger, Glenwood Ave. and Second St., Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Schuehler Bros., tin roofers, heater & range workers, 1124 North Second Street, shop, 142 Edward St., Philadelphia.

Cluett, Peabody & Co., collar makers.

Washing Department. Brighton Laundry 6th & Race.

The Gilbert Photo Co., Inc., 926 Chestnut St.

Compliments of Malven, Gordon & Co., Port Jervis, N.Y. 1891 [graphic].

See that hump? Something inside for you [graphic].

Dis yer misery makes dis chile done gone mournin orful! orful! No. 18 cured this gempleman thanks to massa Hartshorn. [graphic].

Compliments of Malven, Gordon & Co., Port Jervis, N.Y. 1891. [graphic].

[African American boy in tree reaching for eggs in a bird’s nest] [graphic].

J.W. LeMaistre. No. 48 N. Eighth St., Philadelphia, : [graphic] : Embroideries, laces, white goods, real and Nottingham lace curtains, corsets, gloves, &c.

Raffaele Orlando, tin smith, 1213 So. 7th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

J. V. Randall, carriage builder, Newtown, Bucks County, Pa.

Transportation Building. 250 x 960 feet. Cost $280,000.

Eskay's food nourishes

Infancy to old age.

Berks Builders and Supply Co., Wyomissing, Pa. Manufacturers of all kinds of planning mill work.

The Eagle Hotel, Bethlehem, Pa. Mrs. M. B. Hoppes, propr.

Foxy Granduncle's first mistake. How is that? Hello! Hello! Hello! Well, well, well! What's this?