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Use Dannemiller's Cordova coffee, in 1 pound papers, because it's the best [graphic].

Quaker City Construction Co. limited. Artificial stone and fire proof material a specialty. Factory and office. 3870 Lancaster Avenue. Philadelphia.

Pan American Exposition. This pretty little boy insists that___ Heide's licorice pastilles, mint and assorted jujubes are the best.

Ethnology Building.

The First lesson [graphic] : An exceptional offer to the users of Knox gelatine.

If you want to be stylishly shod and comfortably fitted, bring your feet to Lee Reinberg, shoe man, 7 and 11 S. George St., York, PA. [graphic].

Véritable extrait de viande Liebig. [graphic] : La case de l'oncle

What the wild waves are saying. Dainty miss, of germs be wary is your towel sanitary? Is it pure, and sweet and fair, like the ocean and the air? Is it soft - yet giving vim - when you rub down from your swim? If it's all this, maid so chary, then it's su

[Don't blow out the gas]

John Orr's Cohocksink's leading hardware store, 2033 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia.

William H. Rau, president. Photographers for the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Rau Art Studios, Inc., photographers, 238 South Camac St., Philadelphia.

C.C. Whitenack, commercial photographer, 1944 N. Camac Street, Philadelphia

[Duesseldorfer "Progress Brand," Indianapolis Brewing Co. trade card]