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Beat Back the Hun with Liberty Bonds

Americans All!

All Together! Enlist in the Navy

All About Liberty Bonds

4 Minute Men, The Capitol

4 Minute Men, Independence Hall

10,000,000 Members by Christmas, Red Cross

America's Immortals, John J. Kelly

America's Immortals, James I. Mestrovitch

America's Immortals, Edward J. Marz Jr.

America's Immortals, Alan Louis Eggers

All-America Thinks and Acts on National Thrift Day, Feb. 3

American's Immortals, Harold A. Furlong

Are You 100% American?

"Ammunition!" And remember--Bonds buy Bullets!

America's Immortals, Thomas O. Neibour

America's Immortals, Andrew B. Lynch

America's Immortals, Harold W. Roberts

America's Immortals, Donald M. Call

America's Immortals, Marcellus H. Chiles

America's Immortals, James C. Dozier

America's Immortals, George H. Mallon

America's Immortals, George Dilboy

Before Sunset Buy a U.S. Government Bond of the 2nd Liberty Loan of 1917

Be a U.S. Marine

Blood or Bread

Ask Yourself a Question, Let W.S.S. be your Answer,Govt. Loan Organization

Board and Lodgings for Relatives of Soldiers and Sailors

Books Wanted for our Men

America's Immortals, Richard H. Hilton

America's Immortals, Oscar F. Miller

The Building of the Temple, A Pageant Set to Music

Building For Health

Answer the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call

The Arch of Freedom, Official Sketch of the Temporary Memorial Arch

Are You Building a Foundation for the Future

And They Thought We Couldn't Fight

Are You Working with Schwab?

British Official War-Exhibit

The Cross and the Crusaders!!

Can Vegetables Fruit and the Kaiser Too

Columbia Calls, Enlist Now for U.S. Army

Come On! Buy more Liberty Bonds

Buy Liberty Bonds [portrait of Lincoln]

Buy W.S.S. and "Help Crush 'Kaiserism'"

Corn, The Food of the Nation

The Court of Honor, South Broad St., Philadelphia, April 21-May 10, 1919

Clear the Way!! Buy Bonds

Buy a Liberty Bond

Cardinal Mercier Le Cardinal supplie l'Adminstration-Alimentaire

Cardinal Mercier has appealed to the Food Administration

Buy a Liberty Bond of the U.S. Government

El Cardinal Mercier ha solicitado de la Administracion de Alimentos

E-E-E-Yah-Yip Go Over with U.S. Marines

DeVlucht uit Belaie

Democracy or Autocracy?

Fathers--Invest for Your Children

Farm to Win "Over There"

Feed a Fighter

Go Over the Top with U.S. Marines

"Good Bye, Dad, I'm Off To Fight For Old Glory"

Germany's Lateset Crime, The Enslavement of Belgians

Food, Don't Waste It

For Victory, Buy More Bonds

Dawn After Darkness!

The Day the German Fleet Surrendered

Food is Ammunition- Don't Waste It

For our Aviators, Send Us Something to Melt or Sell

For Home and Country

Follow the Boys in Blue, Enlist in the Navy

Fight or Buy Bonds

Education Problems Growing out of the War

Food Conservation

Order Coal Now

Over the Top for You

"Over the Top," Make this a Red Cross Christmas

Our Boys are still on duty on the Rhine

Pennsylvania's British Day

Over There!....In the Air Service

Order Your Coal Now

Our Daddy is fighting at the Front for You

Our Country Needs Ships

Put the Pennant Beside the Flag

Provide the Sinews of War, Buy Liberty Bonds

Remember! The Flag of Liberty, Support it!

Release Dates

Right is Might!

Remember Belgium, Buy Bonds Fourth Liberty Loan

Remember and Invest, Woman's Liberty Loan Committee

"Put Fighting Blood in your Business"

Pull Together, Boys!

"Proudly May It Wave"

U.S. Marines, "Soldiers of the Sea"

U.S. Official War Photos on Exhibit

U.S. Navy, Over There

U.S. Marines, Active Service on Land and Sea, Enlist at 1409 Arch Street

U.S. Marine, Be a Sea Soldier

U.S. Marines, Good Pay, Foreign Travel, Congenial Employment

U.S. Marines, First to Hoist Old Glory on Foreign Soil

U.S. Marines "Soldiers of the Sea"

U.S. Marines, Raising Flag

U.S. Marines, Apply at Recruiting Station

U.S. Marines, First to Fight for Democracy

U.S. Marines, First to Fight in France

U.S. Marines "Soldiers of the Sea"

U.S. Marines, Four Men, Two with Flags

The Greatest Mother in the World

Facsimile of pastel by Abel Faivre, Oct. 1918

Halt the Hun! Buy U.S. Government Bonds

Have You a Red Cross Service Flag?

Help Fill the War Chest for Humanity

Help him win by Saving and Serving, W.S.S.

He Can Win!

He Did His Duty, Will You?

Help Save Anthracite Coal

Help Them Keep Your War Savings Pledge

"Hero Land" The Greatest Spectacle the World Has Ever Seen

Hey Skinnay! The War Trophy Train

The Great Patriotic Meeting, Broad St. Theatre, April 28

Have you answered the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call?

Have You Bought Your Liberty Bond?

Preserve [Uncle Sam]

Philadelphia Quartermaster Terminal

Pledge Week, War Saving Stamps (W.S.S.)

Pick the Patriots in the Crowd

Pershing Cables

Pershing Patriot

Potatoes...Save Wheat

"Premiers au Feu" Means in French "First to Fight" in English "U.S. Marines"

Plant a "Tribute Tree," Civic Club of Philadelphia

Preserve [Lady Liberty]

Save your Child from Autocracy and Poverty, W.S.S.

Share in the Victory, W.S.S.

Send the Eagle's Answer

"Shall we be more tender with our dollars than with the lives of our sons," We Depend on You

Save Wheat, Meat, Fats, Sugar

Second Liberty Loan of 1917

"Shall we be more tender with our dollars than with the lives of our sons"

"Semper Fidelis," U.S. Marine Corps

Welcome Home Iron Division

The War for Humanity

War Debts for Democracy, Now Clean Them Up

Wanted 25000 Student Nurses

Victory 12345

Victory is a Question of Stamina

We Did Our Part of the Job!

War Rages in France

V Invest


U.S.A. Bonds, Weapons for Liberty

Women! Help America's Sons Win the War

The Women have Always Helped,

Why Germany Wants Peace

The World Cannot Live Half Slave, Half Free

Wholesome-Nutritious, Foods from Corn

What Germany Wants. Her Claims as set Forth by Leaders of German Thought.

War Saving Stamps and Thrift Stamps On Sale Here

How Much is $4.14 Worth in Five Years?

Honor Roll, Victory Liberty Loan

Human Reconstruction

The Hun- his Mark, Blot it Out

Hun or Home? Buy More Liberty Bonds

History Repeats Itself

Hip-hip! Another Ship-Another Victory!

I Want You for U.S. Army

"I Always Pay My Debts!"

I Want You for The Navy

I Summon You to the Comradeship

Hunger, For three years America has fought starvation in Belgium

Make Every Minute Count for Pershing

Men Wanted for the Army [Radio]

Men Wanted for the Army [Running]

Must Children Die and Mothers Plead in Vain?

Make our American Red Cross in Peace as in War, Nov. 2-22, 1919

Medals of Honor

Men Wanted for American Red Cross

My Daddy Bought Me a Government Bond

My Soldier, Third Liberty Loan

Men Wanted for the Army [Large gun]

Men Wanted for the Army [Mounted Officer]

Life in the Navy

L'Italia, Amministrazione dei Cibi Stati Uniti

The Lobster is a Joke

Little Americans, Do Your Bit

Tell That to the Marines!

Third Red Cross Roll Call

Third Liberty Loan Honor Roll

"They can't say We quit!"

The. U.S. Marines Want You

"The Child at Your Door!

That Liberty Shall Not Perish from the Earth

That Liberty Shall Not Perish from the Earth

"Tell Them to Go to Hell!"

This Device on Hat or Helmet Mean U.S. Marines

They Give Their Lives, Do You Lend Your Savings?, W.S.S.

They Signal "Send Books"

Teamwork Builds Ships

Teamwork Wins

They're Finishing the Job