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One flag, one country. [graphic] : Constitution & laws.

"The boys in blue," returning the state flags to the governor of Pennsylvania, Independence Square, Philadelphia July 4th, 1866. [graphic] / Rea & Sharp, engravers.

Civil War era patriotic ream wrappers [graphic].

Union mottoes. [graphic].

Civil War era patriotic ream wrappers [graphic].

[Cloth mitten pattern for Civil War soldiers provided by Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machine and E.W. Carryl & Co., military & house furnishing store; King & Baird, printers; and S.A. George, electrotyper and stereotyper] [graphic].

Union mottoes. [graphic].

Wilbur & Hastings, stationers & printers, lithographers, blank book manufacturers, publis

Thomas Magee, stationer, cor. Second and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia.

Union Brass Works. M'Cambridge, Fry & Co. 525 and 527 Cherry Street, Philadelphia.

Marshall House, "The Union and the Constitution." No. 243 N. Fourth St., above New, Philadelphia.

Strickland & Bro. booksellers & stationers, No. 529 S. Second Street, Philadelphia.

Our flag--may it forever wave!

[Joseph P. Mickley trade cards]

John B. Robinson's housekeeping furnishing store, No. 1611 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Evening Journal, N.W. corner of Third and Chestnut Sts., January 28th, 1861. Published by Carr & Elliott.

Collins West, painter, graining and calcimining, No. 302 South Second St., Philadelphia.

Jacob H. Hain, manufacturer of saddles, harnesss, bridles, collars, covers, whips, No. 321 Penn Street, Reading, Pa., (a few doors below the "Adler" Printing Office,) orders respectfully solicited and all work warranted.

David Newton, manufacturer of Union tea & coffee ware, wholesale and retail, No. 710 North Fourth Street, above Coates, west side, Philadelphia.

Familton & Chemin, fancy job printers, 337 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

[Familton & Rogers trade cards]

South Ferry Hotel. Kaighn Point, New Jersey. [graphic] : A. Haines / Boerum, s.c.

Edward Geary, Jr. dealer in Lehigh and Schuylkill coal. Orders received and promptly attended to, at No. 814 North Second St. above Brown, S.E. cor. Ridge Avenue & Wallace St., (or through despatch directed as above,) Philadelphia. Cash on delivery.

Mason's challenge blacking. James S. Mason & Co., nos. 138 & 140 North Front Street, Philadelphia.

The past and the future. [graphic] / Th. Nast.

Specimen sheet Union, patriotic and humorous designs upon envelopes

Bruce's New-York Type-foundry, 13 Chambers st., New York [specimen sheet]

Civil War certificates containing patriotic designs. [graphic].

Bruce's New-York Type-foundry, 13 Chambers st., New York [specimen sheet]

Maas & Vogdes, job printers, [N.E.?] corner of Second & Chestnut Sts., over Corn Exchange Bank.

Chestnut Street from Seventh to Sixth, (north side). [graphic].

Baxter's panoramic business directory of Philadelphia. Chestnut Street from Seventh to Eighth, (south side). [graphic].

[Civil War miscellanies] [graphic]

Civil War stationery collection