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"Have you seen anything of a Merrimac about here?" [graphic] / Morse.

The Freedman's Bureau! An agency to keep the negro in idleness at the expense of the white man. Twice vetoed by the president, and made a law by congress. Support Congress & you support the negro. Sustain the president & you protect the white man [graphic

The two platforms. [graphic]

Zouave attacking Confederate soldier woodcut

Officer with telescope woodcut

Mounted cavalry soldier woodcut

Liberty with flag woodcut

Man leading stallion woodcut

Encampment woodcut

Eagle with shield woodcut

Marines woodcut

Regimental parade woodcut

Sailing ship woodcut

U.S. flag surmounting globe woodcut

Military camp woodcut

Union soldier attacking Confederate soldier woodcut

Union soldier charging forward in battle woodcut

Soldiers standing at attention woodcut

Three people with flag woodcut

Transporting cannon woodcut

Soldiers marching woodcut

Trotting stallion woodcut

Eagle with flag and banner woodcut

Four mounted officers woodcut

George Washington with flag woodcut

Eagle with blank banner on horn woodcut

Eagle with "E pluribus unum" banner woodcut

Eagle with flag woodcut

Eagle on drum with flags woodcut

Eagle on shield with banner woodcut

Eagle on shield with banner woodcut

Eagle wearing chain with shield woodcut

Eagle with banner woodcut

Cannon woodcut

Cannon with soldiers woodcut

Cannon and flag woodcut

Eagle on shield woodcut

Eagle on shield with banner woodcut.

Cavalry charge woodcut

Bought of John Hays & Co., miners and dealers in all kinds of hard and soft coal and coke. Office and dock: C. & P. R'y coal pier and 9 Prospect St. Cleveland, Ohio.