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Rally! Rally! Rally! Head-quarters, 23d Ward Troop! : July [blank] 1863. Attention! Twenty-third Ward Troop, will report themselves at [blank] o'clock, this day, in citizens' dress, mounted for parade and drill. / By command of Capt. William C. Murphy, re

Alderman, Richard Donagan Fifth Ward.

Rally! Rally!! Rally!!! Attention! : The members of the First State Troop of Frankford and citizens who wish to participate, are requested to meet at Jolly Post Hotel, Frankford, on Thursday afternoon, July 2d, at 3 o'clock, in citizens' dress, mounted fo

For Assembly, Jno. W. Hamilton, 5th legislative district.

Fair in aid of the sick & wounded soldiers, : will be held in Bromley's Hall, Baker and Mulberry streets, Manayunk, to commence on Tuesday, the 11th of Nov., and continue until Saturday afternoon, the 15th.

God! Grant! Victory!

Sheriff, Henry C. Howell

"Rally 'round the flag, boys!" : A meeting of the citizens of the 14th Ward will be held at Spring Garden Hall, Wednesday eve'ng, Jan. 6th, 1864 at half-past 7 o'clock, to take measures to fill our quota!

M'Clellan & Pendleton One flag & one country : The Central Democratic McClellan Club, in accordance with the wishes of the people, have fixed upon Wednesday, November 2, at 10 o'clock, A.M., for holding a grand mass meeting, in Doylestown, to which they c

Eleventh annual fair of the Illinois State Agricultural Soc'y will be held at Decatur! : Commencing on Monday, Sept. 28th, 1863, and continuing for six days. 1863. 1863. The fair grounds are unexcelled for beauty & convenience, and contain four large spri