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Grand gathering of patriots! : All friends of Lincoln and Johnson! All gallant veterans who have fought for our glorious Union; all who honor our brave soldiers; all who are determined that the majority shall rule, all who would negotiate an honorable pea

God! Grant! Victory!

Grand rally to the rescue. : A grand Union mass meeting! Will be held at Millersburg, Dauphin Co., Pa. on Tuesday afternoon & evneing [sic], October 6th, 1863. David Paul Brown, Esq. Hon. J.C. Kunkle, Col. Chas. Chriner, of Mifflinsburg, " D. Fleming, Col

Rally! Rally!! Rally!!! Attention! : The members of the First State Troop of Frankford and citizens who wish to participate, are requested to meet at Jolly Post Hotel, Frankford, on Thursday afternoon, July 2d, at 3 o'clock, in citizens' dress, mounted fo

Rally! Rally! Rally! Head-quarters, 23d Ward Troop! : July [blank] 1863. Attention! Twenty-third Ward Troop, will report themselves at [blank] o'clock, this day, in citizens' dress, mounted for parade and drill. / By command of Capt. William C. Murphy, re

Union League, 22d Ward! : Will open their house, Main St., Germantown, on Thursday, May 28th, 1863, at eight o'clock, P.M. Hon. Charles Gilpin, Hon. Morton McMichael, Daniel Dougherty, Esq. Hon. M. Russell Thayer, Hon. Charles Gibbons, Hon. J.C. Knox, and

Fourth of July celebration in Sharp's Grove, Franklinville, Gloucester County, N.J. : Good music! Dinner & supper provided! Professors Adams and Urion, will perform some of their best national airs. One hundred guns will be fired during the day. Ice cream

The Union M'Clellan & Pendleton! : Hon. Josiah Randall, of Philadelphia, Hon. Henry P. Ross, S.L. Roberts and N.C. James will address the Democratic and conservative citizens this evening, Wednesday, September 21st, in the Court House at the ringing of th

Union meeting! : A public meeting will be held at the hotel of James H. Gaddis, at Caatsban, in the town of Saugerties, on Wednesday evening, Oct. 28th, 1863, at 7 o'clock. Hon. James G. Graham will address the meeting on the political issues involved in

Sheriff, Henry C. Howell

Union mass meeting! : The friends of the government of the United States, and supporters of the national and state authorities, without regard to party distinction, will assemble in mass convention at Chester! On Thursday, October 8th, in the afternoon an

24th Ward! Fellow citizens! : Come one, come all, in support of the Union and our glorious old commonwealth. A mass meeting under auspices of the Union League in West Philad'a, will be held at the Commissioners' Hall! 37th and Market Streets, on Thursday

Vote for Charles Brown, and you will discover how he tried to sleep with Buchanan; : how Buchanan repulsed him; how he then turned over to Douglas; denounced Breckenridge, established a Douglas Club at the corner of Fifth and Chestnut Streets, in Philadel

Alderman, Richard Donagan Fifth Ward.

Aid in recruiting Grant's army!! : All corporations that have made money during this war must aid in ending it. Give your money and your influence to strengthening the army and we will soon have peace. Come up to the work faithfully; don't wait to be call

Lend your aid to hasten victory! : Those who have made fortunes on the war, should give to help the war! If every man will give his share, we will soon have victory and peace! When you help recruiting, you only do your duty; when you give money, you cance

"Rally 'round the flag, boys!" : A meeting of the citizens of the 14th Ward will be held at Spring Garden Hall, Wednesday eve'ng, Jan. 6th, 1864 at half-past 7 o'clock, to take measures to fill our quota!

Citizens of 3d Ward To the rescue To the rescue : A mass meeting of the citizens of the 3d Ward, will be held at the House of Industry Catharine Street above Seventh. On Monday, March 7th, 1864, at half-past 7 o'clock, for the purpose of adopting measures

For Assembly, Jno. W. Hamilton, 5th legislative district.

Fair in aid of the sick & wounded soldiers, : will be held in Bromley's Hall, Baker and Mulberry streets, Manayunk, to commence on Tuesday, the 11th of Nov., and continue until Saturday afternoon, the 15th.

Eleventh annual fair of the Illinois State Agricultural Soc'y will be held at Decatur! : Commencing on Monday, Sept. 28th, 1863, and continuing for six days. 1863. 1863. The fair grounds are unexcelled for beauty & convenience, and contain four large spri

Rally Democrats! And stand by the Constitution! : A mass meeting of the Democratic citizens of Philadelphia, will be held on Monday evening, June 1, 1863 at 8 o'clock, in Independence Square! To consider and express their opinions upon the arbitrary arres

Christmas entertainment of the 28th Regiment, Penna. Vol's. (Col. John W. Geary,) : at Camp Goodman, Point of Rocks, Md. Stage manager, Lieut. Thos. H. Elliott. Acting do. Lieut. Gilbert L. Parker. Leader of orchestra, Lieut. J.G. Warwick. Ethiopian direc

M'Clellan & Pendleton One flag & one country : The Central Democratic McClellan Club, in accordance with the wishes of the people, have fixed upon Wednesday, November 2, at 10 o'clock, A.M., for holding a grand mass meeting, in Doylestown, to which they c

The Liberty papers. No. 1. : We contend not for ourselves or country solely, but for the race and the world. We fight for that liberty which will enable a man, surrounded by his aged parents, his wife, and little ones, to "sit under his own vine and fig t

Fair for the Cooper Shop Hospital and Soldiers' Home. : At Concert Hall, commencing Monday, June 9th, at 7 o'clock, and continue during the week. Season tickets 25 cents. Single tickets 10 cents. For sale by the conductor.

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